Common Diary

Just now I searched for the SOHO comet in the C3 images.I could not find any suspected objects.As I know I am bad luck recently,I don not think I will discovery any comets in the next days,the only thing I can do is keeping finding and waiting and waiting.
By the way,I checked the positions of C/2006 M4 (SWAN) in SWAN images again.Here are the coordinates:
picture size: 640 * 480
picture name position
20060622.gif (374,336)
20060625.gif (376,334)
20060629.gif (372,331)
20060702.gif (375,328)
20060704.gif (376,325)
20060705.gif (377,324)
20060706.gif (378,322)
I could not find the position of the comet in the image of 20060620.gif though R. Matson said it did be there.
Telling the truth,I do not familiar with SWAN images.It is said that the transforming from the Ecliptic Coordinate into the Equatorial Coordinate is difficult,but I don’t think so,just using the spherics and the values,that’s all.The most difficut thing I think is fixing the precise coordinate because of SWAN’s low pixel.Anymore,I have a long way to improve my SWAN skills.
Uh——I’m very tired and sleepy.I’m sleeping.
Common Diary

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