I have observed the comet 177P from 15:30 to 18:20UT on July 31. This time I am sure that I have seen the comet.As the heavy light pollution,it takes times to adapt my eyes to the darkness.Soon,I directed my refractor to the position of the comet and found the stars nearby.I drew a deep breath and discovered a very faint and fuzzy object near the star BD+26 2633.I was not very sure,and saw again.Yes,there did be an faint object.
I drew a picture on the comet as quickly as I could.There are so many faint stars that it took me a long time to finish it.Later,I used a higher magnificant eyepiece and found the shape of the comet like the crescent,of course,it was not obvious.,I think.Okay,below is my observational result that has been sent to the CometObs:
Dear all,here is my observation about the 177P:
2006 Jul. 31.71 UT: m1=8.3, Dia=3′, DC=3
about the telescope:refractor,D=100mm,F=700mm.
Observational position:φ=+23.1535,λ=113.3161.
PS:I could not see the tail because of the heavy light pollution.
W. Xu
By the way,my webcam has  worked out so that I can not send my picture to my site.It will be sent when my webcam get right.

2 thoughts on “177P/Barnard!

  1. 周瑜 says:

    Great! I also like to research and observe comet, but the weather here always cloudy or rainy…… I haven\’t seen any stars for a long time. I feel very terrible!
    Your English is really fluent! On the contrary, compared with other subjects, my English is the worst subject in school. So I will learn from you. 🙂

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