A SOHO comet?

Hua has reported an object on the comet report page.I did not downloaded the C3 images until I saw Hua’s report:
Aug 01 2006 10:46:18 Hua Su

Potential comet:
Images: C3 (0,0) Upper Left.
1024x1024 images.
Kreutz group comet.
1042 842 806
1118 838 801
1142 835 798

--Hua Su

I checked the images and here’s my mesurement:

picture size: 1024 * 1024

picture name                position
20060801_0942_c3.gif (849,812)
20060801_1042_c3.gif (842,805)
20060801_1118_c3.gif (837,800)
20060801_1142_c3.gif (835,797)
Judging from the images and the character of the object,I think it has a great chance to be a real comet.Ur…I don’t know,maybe,just maybe.

It is cloudy outside,it’s a pity that I can’t observe the comet 177P today.Hopefully,I can see it again.By the way,I went to played football yesterday’s afternoon,I was happy to see that my goalkeeper skills had improved a bit,more for me to do.

A SOHO comet?

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