My fourth SOHO comet

C/2006 N3 (SOHO), detected on 14 July, 2006
Discovery story:
I discovered a bright Kreutz-II SOHO comet in the evening, July 14. I have to acknowledge that I found this comet very luckily.
Early in the evening, I’ve already downloaded the latest C3 images from the LASCO, and I’ve made a big mistake that I was chatting on the Böotes Forum instead of checking them at once. After that, I changed the images into b/w. I shifted them in order and immediately discovered a comet like object moving towards the sun. I was getting nervous as I might be later than other SOHO hunters. I already had four coordinates, however, I didn’t report it because I did NOT want to make too much noise report.
I waited and waited, refreshed the comet report page again and again. It was too long for me!! Finally, the image of 1118UT came out! I turned the color and measured the position…Yeah! It was a real one! I reported it at once and there was nobody before me.  I couldn’t be too lucky!
Jul 14 2006 07:32:11 Wentao Xu

Potential comet:
Images: C3 (0,0) Upper Left.
1024x1024 images.
Kreutz group comet.
0842 694 793
0918 691 789
0942 690 787
1020 687 783

--Wentao Xu

More images proved my claim. Then, Hua Su made a confirmation on my report:

Jul 14 2006 08:03:25 Hua Su

Confirming comet of:
2006/07/14 07:32:11

--Hua Su


I made a further report as well:

Jul 14 2006 08:46:46 Wentao Xu

Further to my post of...
Images: C3 (0,0) Upper Left.
1024x1024 images.
20060714 07:32:11
Kreutz group comet.
1142 683 774
1218 681 770

--Wentao Xu

In the next hours, this comet got brighter and brighter that became a really beutiful one, however, I couldn’t see its tail.
The designation of this comet is C/2006 N3 (SOHO), SOHO-1173. The orbital elements are here: MPEC 2006-O62.

My fourth SOHO comet

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