Today’s observation

I made an observation on the 1 Ceres though I had to go to school. The weather was really good, mightbe the pour has cleaned all the dust away.
It was easy to lock onto this bright asteroid. The method was also making good use of the ι, θ Piscis Austrini… It must be an very easy thing for those who are familiar to the sky. Certainly, I recorded my observation, this is my sketch(The circle means my field).

I’ve observed Uranus as well, but I didn’t do any record.
The whole observational time was from 17:50 UT~18:50 UT, weather: flouting clouds. Seeing: I Antoniadi. Transparency: AAAA 4/7. My telescope: refractor, D=100mm, F=700mm. My observational location: φ=+23°0912, λ=113°1854E. The Altitude of 1 Ceres: +27°40~+18°46. The Azimuth of 1 Ceres:+34°41~+45°11.
Today’s observation

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