September 21, 3006 — Quiet skies, stormy skies…

September 21, 3006 — Quiet skies, stormy skies…

The past few weeks have been very unusual for SOHO comets. August was a shockingly quiet month for comets. In fact, we went from August 4th to September 2nd without a single comet discovery! That’s one of the longest "dry spells" in recent years. The spell was eventually broken by a Meyer-group comet, found in C2 images by Hua Su. That comet was our first Meyer-group comet in nearly four months — another unusually long comet-free period. And when Tony Hoffman spotted a Kreutz-group comet on September 11, so ended a 38-day period with no Kreutz-group comets — yet another very uncharacteristically long "dry" time. But as we all know, when it has been dry for such a long time you have to expect a storm sooner or later, and two days ago we got ours…

It all began with a Kreutz group comet spotted by expert SOHO/LASCO (and SOHO/SWAN) comet hunter, Rob Matson, late at night on September 17th. Shortly after discovery, SOHO entered into a reasonably long data gap that lasted into most of the next day. During these data gaps, even though we do not have "real time" contact with the spacecraft, data from the instruments is recorded on board ready for downlinking at the next time of contact. I often give advice to comet hunters at times like this to watch the spacecraft contact times and await the influx of new data. Clearly, Rob was following this advice when the data began to flow because, in the space of 42 minutes and 14 seconds, he reported another four Kreutz comets in the LASCO C3 and C2 fields of view! By the time a few other comet hunters had rejoined the hunt, Rob had already cleared up. This was the first time that five Kreutz comets were visible in C3 in less than twenty-four hours, and certainly the first time a comet hunter has found five comets in such a short period. Congratulations, Rob!

Pictured opposite are three of the five aforementioned Kreutz comets (click for a larger image). The other two (SOHO-1189 and SOHO-1191) were a little way ahead of these, so I chose these three as a nicer image. You can see a short tail on SOHO-1190, and (even though it was the brightest of the five comets) a much shorter one on SOHO-1192. SOHO-1190 had no noticeable tail at all.

The official set of SOHO comet confirmations for the past couple of weeks looks as follows:

Soho#  Date/Time of Post  Discoverer   Tel   Group  Images of..
1186  Sep02,06 12:54:52  H.Su          C2   Meyer   Sep02,06
1187  Sep11,06 15:04:09  T.Hoffman     C3   Kreutz  Sep11,06
1188  Sep18,06 03:11:18  R.Matson    C3,C2  Kreutz  Sep18,06
1189  Sep18,06 17:01:56  R.Matson    C3,C2  Kreutz  Sep18-19,06
1190  Sep18,06 17:04:52  R.Matson    C3,C2  Kreutz  Sep18-19,06
1191  Sep18,06 17:12:05  R.Matson    C3,C2  Kreutz  Sep18-19,06
1192  Sep18,06 17:44:10  R.Matson    C3,C2  Kreutz  Sep18-19,06

So, as you can see, SOHO is now up to 1,192 comet discoveries!

PS:the original text is taken from here: Latest News and Information.

September 21, 3006 — Quiet skies, stormy skies…

A new Kreutz comet!

Tony discovered a fairly bright Kreutz SOHO comet at 19:04:09UT, Sep 11. Certainly it became the first Kreutz one in the past 38 days. But unfortunately, it looks like we can see much of this bright comet because of the Keyhole. I measured some of the coordinates of the comet:
picture size: 1024 * 1024
picture name               position
20060911_1753_c3.gif (858,717)
20060911_1818_c3.gif (854,714)
20060911_1842_c3.gif (851,712)
20060911_1918_c3.gif (845,708)
20060911_1942_c3.gif (841,706)
20060911_2342_c3.gif (802,677)
20060912_0018_c3.gif (796,673)
There is also an animation of this bright comet.

Uh… It’s really a pity to get such few images to see this comet. I’ve heard that my favorite football team, the FC Bayern München 4 : 0 beated the Spartak Moscow. Let me have a small conguatulations, YEAH!!!  

A new Kreutz comet!

Something this week

Something happened tragically this week.
I sadly heard that the famous Crocodile Hunter, Irwin Steve had been killed by a stingray while he was captured on dramatic videotape near the Great Barrier Reef on 4 Sep. Steve was enthiusiasm for wildlife and have spent his entire life studying, working and living with the animails… His series ‘The Crocodile Hunter’  were well-known to people in the world. But now, he died… I can’t see his new programs anymore. The only thing I can do now is to memorialize him forever.
I caught a cold so that I didn’t observed the Lunar total eclipse yesterday. I’m feeling really uncomfortable now! The north wind has taken place of the south one, the temperature has decreased as well. These are my own feeling as I caught a cold though it is still very hot for other people. I hope I can get well as soon as possible, this kind of feeling is really sucks!!
Something this week

SOHO comets(August)

As Karl said, it was a very quiet August. All of the SOHO comets were discovered at the beginning of this month.
All the SOHO comets are listed below, the original writer is Karl, who is the specialist on confirming SOHO comets.

Aug 09 2006 10:01:34 Mr Sungrazer

As promised, here are the recent confirmations:

Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1180 Aug01,06 17:20:39 A.Kubczak C3 Kreutz Aug01-02,06
1181 Aug02,06 06:29:39 A.Kubczak C3 Kreutz Aug02,06
1182 Aug02,06 09:16:46 S.Yuan C3,C2 Kreutz Aug02-03,06
1183 Aug03,06 07:35:32 H.Su C3 Kreutz Aug03,06
1184 Aug03,06 12:05:58 H.Su C3 Kreutz Aug03,06
1185 Aug04,06 06:47:20 A.Kubczak C3 Kreutz Aug04,06
Congratulations to Shihong Yuan and Arkadiusz Kubczak for finding
their first SOHO comets. And a special congratulations to Arkadiusz
as his third discovery -- SOHO-1185 -- is SOHO's 1000th Kreutz-group
discovery! That's a fantastic landmark -- well done Arkadiusz and
everyone else!
All of the above comets were released on MPECs yesterday. I will link
to them from the "discoveries" lists, as usual.
Email me with any questions, problems, etc.

There wre really poor comets, I think. There hasn’t been any SOHO comets for 28 days! I don’t know when a new SOHO comet will come out, the only I can do is just waiting and waiting.

SOHO comets(August)