SOHO comets(August)

As Karl said, it was a very quiet August. All of the SOHO comets were discovered at the beginning of this month.
All the SOHO comets are listed below, the original writer is Karl, who is the specialist on confirming SOHO comets.

Aug 09 2006 10:01:34 Mr Sungrazer

As promised, here are the recent confirmations:

Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1180 Aug01,06 17:20:39 A.Kubczak C3 Kreutz Aug01-02,06
1181 Aug02,06 06:29:39 A.Kubczak C3 Kreutz Aug02,06
1182 Aug02,06 09:16:46 S.Yuan C3,C2 Kreutz Aug02-03,06
1183 Aug03,06 07:35:32 H.Su C3 Kreutz Aug03,06
1184 Aug03,06 12:05:58 H.Su C3 Kreutz Aug03,06
1185 Aug04,06 06:47:20 A.Kubczak C3 Kreutz Aug04,06
Congratulations to Shihong Yuan and Arkadiusz Kubczak for finding
their first SOHO comets. And a special congratulations to Arkadiusz
as his third discovery -- SOHO-1185 -- is SOHO's 1000th Kreutz-group
discovery! That's a fantastic landmark -- well done Arkadiusz and
everyone else!
All of the above comets were released on MPECs yesterday. I will link
to them from the "discoveries" lists, as usual.
Email me with any questions, problems, etc.

There wre really poor comets, I think. There hasn’t been any SOHO comets for 28 days! I don’t know when a new SOHO comet will come out, the only I can do is just waiting and waiting.

SOHO comets(August)

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