A new Kreutz comet!

Tony discovered a fairly bright Kreutz SOHO comet at 19:04:09UT, Sep 11. Certainly it became the first Kreutz one in the past 38 days. But unfortunately, it looks like we can see much of this bright comet because of the Keyhole. I measured some of the coordinates of the comet:
picture size: 1024 * 1024
picture name               position
20060911_1753_c3.gif (858,717)
20060911_1818_c3.gif (854,714)
20060911_1842_c3.gif (851,712)
20060911_1918_c3.gif (845,708)
20060911_1942_c3.gif (841,706)
20060911_2342_c3.gif (802,677)
20060912_0018_c3.gif (796,673)
There is also an animation of this bright comet.

Uh… It’s really a pity to get such few images to see this comet. I’ve heard that my favorite football team, the FC Bayern München 4 : 0 beated the Spartak Moscow. Let me have a small conguatulations, YEAH!!!  

A new Kreutz comet!

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