Imaging Process

I tried to test some SOHO fits files with IRIS and MaxImDL today. Maybe they were more close to the LASCO gif files. Some "achievements" today are below.
Realtime data (click to enlarge it):


Handled from the fits file with IRIS.




PS: two comets are visible in this image: SOHO-1204 (Kreutz group)& SOHO-1205 (Meyer group)



PS: the brightest star near the sun is Venus

Not so good!

I’ve also done a combined fits file on the SOHO-1204, which was discovered on Oct 19, 2006.


combined file

Historical SOHO fits files (click to enlarge it):

There are also a lot of improvements that I’ve to do. Oh, I forgot to tell you something today. The school’s sports-meeting was just down today afternoon, however, our class got the last but three score eventually, which really upset me. But we’re one of the key class in our grade, we can do our best in another way. Trust us, we can surely win sometime! Yesterday I saw Quanzhi who are now a freshman of Zhongshan University and we talked about almost everything during the time.

Well, that’s it. I’ve to have a good sleep now for I’ve got a lot of homework to do tomorrow. Good-night!

Imaging Process

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