SOHO comets (Sep. & Oct.)

Sep 13 2006 14:33:53 Mr Sungrazer


Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1186 Sep02,06 12:54:52 H.Su C2 Meyer Sep02,06
1187 Sep11,06 15:04:09 T.Hoffman C3 Kreutz Sep11-12,06
Well, it looks like we only have six or seven images showing
Tony's Kreutz. Oh well, better than nothing, I suppose...
Well done to Hua Su for spotting the first Meyer-group comet we
have had in a very long time! Fortunately we got plenty of images
for that one.
We should get our normal image quota back next week. Until then,
please keeping checking what few images we have for the return of
C/2002 R5 (there's a prize for its recovery...).
As always, email me with any questions, concerns, etc.












Sep 20 2006 13:26:49 Mr Sungrazer


Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1188 Sep18,06 03:11:18 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Sep18,06
1189 Sep18,06 17:01:56 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Sep18-19,06
1190 Sep18,06 17:04:52 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Sep18-19,06
1191 Sep18,06 17:12:05 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Sep18-19,06
1192 Sep18,06 17:44:10 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Sep18-19,06
Wow! Many congratulations to Rob on his five-comet haul! It is
amazing for several reasons, including the first time we've had
five C3 comets in less than a day and the first time a comet
hunter has found five realtime comets in a day (four of which
were within less than an hour)!! Amazing stuff -- well done, Rob!
We're officially out of that horrible keyhole now so we should
have plenty of realtime data and almost all gaps filled 100%.
I hope you all like (or at least tolerate) that changes I have
made to the comet report form. Please let me know if you have
any problems with it. I have decided to keep a permanent link to
the old repotr form in case any of you have a preference. The
link can be found immediately beneath the current report form.
Email me with questions, etc.
















Oct 06 2006 15:21:04 Mr Sungrazer


Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1193 Sep26,06 17:40:42 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Sep26-27,06
1194 Oct02,06 11:14:54 H.Su C3,C2 Kreutz Sep30,06
1195 Oct02,06 13:31:51 R.Matson C3,C2 Kreutz Oct02,06
1196 *Oct03,06 10:54* H.Su C3,C2 Kreutz Oct03,06
1197 *Oct03,06 11:40* G.Sun,T.Chen C3,C2 Kreutz Oct03,06
1198 Oct06,06 03:59:29 W.Xu C2 Kreutz Oct06,06
Note that the posts marked with a * were reports made to the
sohohunter chat page. Gouyou Sun and Tao Chen reported their
comet within a minute of each other and, as I can not be
certain on the timing of the sohohunter reports, they get
joint credit for the discovery.
As always, all (sensible) unretracted claims were checked. Please
email me if you have any questions.
I do not think the comet website will go down again any time soon
so you should not need to make any more reports to the sohohunter
page. If you are unsure, you are welcome to email your reports to
Have a great weekend!
















Oct 20 2006 15:00:28 Mr Sungrazer


Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1199 Oct10,06 16:15:36 B.Zhou C2 Meyer Oct10,06
1200 Oct10,06 19:57:03 B.Zhou C2 Kreutz Oct10,06
1201 Oct15,06 18:08:14 T.Hoffman C3,C2 Kreutz Oct15,06
1202 Oct16,06 08:50:43 T.Hoffman C3,C2 Kreutz Oct15,06
1203 Oct17,06 11:27:00 T.Scarmato C3,C2 Kreutz Oct16,06
1204 Oct19,06 18:00:40 S.Farmer Jr. C3,C2 Kreutz Oct19-20,06
1205 Oct20,06 00:39:37 T.Hoffman C2 Meyer Oct20,06
1206 Oct17,06 18:12:03 B.Zhou C2 Kreutz Oct12,06
I'm pretty certain I checked all the claims but if you feel
particularly hard-done-by then please email me.











Nov 02 2006 11:12:08 Mr Sungrazer

Confirmations, as promised:

Soho# Date/Time of Post Discoverer Tel Group Images of..
1207 Oct24,06 10:13:49 H.Su C3,C2 Kreutz Oct24,06
1208 Oct24.06 14:03:06 T.Chen C2 Kreutz Oct24,06
1209 Oct25,06 10:48:26 H.Su C2 Kreutz Oct25,06
1210 Oct29,06 09:27:08 H.Su C3,C2 Kreutz Oct28,06
1211 Oct29,06 10:08:34 L.Cane C3,C2 Kreutz Oct28,06
1212 Oct29,06 10:14:50 Kracht/Su/Chen C2 Kreutz Oct30,06
1213 Nov01,06 20:01:32 J.Sachs C3,C2 Kreutz Nov01-??,06
1214 Nov02,06 10:09:56 H.Su C2 Kreutz Apr06,03
XC55 Oct30,06 09:49:27 B.Zhou C2 ?Kreutz? Oct17,03
There was a lot of "noise" on the reports page this time around.
90% of this can be eliminated if people would wait for a third
image before making a report. So please do so unless you are
convinced your object is real.
Bo's archive claim looks like it's real but it is just too faint
to be sure. It couldn't get good positions for it, either, so it
becomes X-Comet #55. Sorry, Bo! The archive report from Hua was
much better and I got six or seven good positions for it.
Congratulations to John on his fantastic Kreutz comet -- already
it is looking very nice indeed and must be at least a 4th mag
object. It wouldn't surprise me to see it saturate C2 a little.
Great find, John!
Please email me with questions, concerns, etc.

SOHO comets (Sep. & Oct.)

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