Imaging Process(2)


Go on! But now are the Solwind images, not the SOHO files. Are there any potential Kreutz comets in those files? Yeah! But most of them were dug out by R. Kracht, who is one of the greatest German SOHO hunters in the world. Let me check them cautiously when I get hang of the skills. As I know, nobody in China has found any Solwind comets, which embarrass me “a bit”. 

Ooh, here are the tiny “achievements”.

1980/02/10 00:37:38 UT

1980/02/10 00:47:23 UT

1980/02/10 00:57:09 UT

1980/02/10 01:06:55 UT

1980/02/10 01:16:40 UT

 The combined image is Solwind-10 that was discovered by Kracht on July 23, 2005, in the images of 1984 September 15. Copyright @ Kracht.

Solwind-10, a non-Kreutz comet, was discovered by Kracht. 

Contrasted with SMM C/P images.

Okay, that’s all I’ve for now. Uuh… I’m really tired since I got back. Well, goodnight!

Imaging Process(2)

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