OBS-V: C/2006 M4 (SWAN)

OBS-V: C/2006 M4 (SWAN)

OCT 29, 2006

The sky was much clearer than a few days ago. It happened to be a weekend so that I planned to go on with my observation of the comet C/2006 M4 (SWAN) in my grandma’s home where lies in the northeastern suburb. So I did.

The sky was almost dark though a crescent still hung in the low sky. However, the sky near the western horizon was hazy because the road not far from my spot was under re-construction. But it didn’t matter much. A not-very-bright light was on that influenced my searching a bit as well.

It was about a quarter past ten (UT) that I started my observation. The position of the comet was very easy found as well as I could see it exactly through the finder, which formed a giant difference between the one did in the city and in the suburb. I caught the sight of the bright comet through the main telescope immediately. The strong condensation and the large size of its diameter gave me a deep impression.

I made two sketches and measured some data of it. Here comes the measurement:

Comet C/2006 M4 (SWAN)
2006 Oct. 29.47UT, ml=5.0, Dia.=11′, DC=7.5, 10.0cm-refractor, f/7, (28X/70X)
PS: I observed in the northern suburb and sky was much darker, however, an avenue not far from my observational spot is under construction so that the lower sky was influenced by the dust. In spite of these, the comet was very easy to be seen and the coma was really large.

I stopped me observation at about twelve o’ clock that was it took me 1 hour and forty-five minutes to complete my whole observation.

I had to take the agricultural courses in Sihui, Zhaoqing from Oct 30 to Nov 3. It was really hard to squeeze the free time out but finally I came with an idea was that doing my observations of the comet C/2006 M4 (SWAN) after finishing my bathing. So I did and it really helped a lot during these days. The only equipment with me there was my militarian binoculars 15×50.

OCT 30, 2006

I settled in the yard at about two o’clock (UT). The sky was really blue there. I did my observation at once after finishing my bathing as I promised before. It was about 10: 15UT. Maybe I behaved a strange way that a guard followed me all the time. I was told that I could only walk within the square, which was shone by two very bright lights seriously. To make matters worse, the moon lit brightly as well. In spite of all of these, I could get to the position easily where the comet was. Soon I saw the comet in the field without much difficulty. It located between the stars ε and ζ Her. , next to 53 Her. It was more diffuse than several days ago and the brightness has faded down to about 5.3m according to my measurement. To my surprise, I can see the tail of 1-deg. in p.a. 35 deg. I finished my observation at about 11: 00 UT.

OCT 31, 2006

The sky turned to hazy in the evening and covered with thin clouds. Moonlight also influenced strongly. I observed the comet almost the same time. The three fix stars mentioned above were still easily seen but the comet was not. I spent quite a lot of time proving whether I caught it or not. Thanks to my effort, I caught the sight of the barely-seen comet finally. The magnitude of it was hard to measure under such poor condition. I could only say it was fainter than 5.3m. The observation was completed at about 10: 50 UT.

NOV 01, 2006

The moon was hidden from the clouds; no stars were seen that night. I didn’t do my observation.

NOV 02, 2006

The last night we had in that place. We beat the teacher there 3: 0 in a football match. I didn’t feel much pressure during the match. I began with my search at about 10: 20 UT. The sky turned fine again and the transparency was excellent today. However, the moon lit more strongly, which serious influenced my observation of my lovely comet. But I caught the comet without any difficulty. It was surprised that I could see its tail of 1.5-deg. in p.a. 35-deg.!!! Supposing that if no moonlight, it’ll be more enormous. My search was over at about 11: 10 UT.

NOV 05, 2006

Weekend again and I’ve already come back, so I did my observation of the comet C/2006 M4 (SWAN) in the northern suburb again. I started my observation at about 10: 15 UT. Firstly I could see the comet in the finder barely, but, when the extremely bright moon rose above the mountains in the east, a lot of faintest stars in the field were hidden. I could still catch details of the comet without too much hardness. Here comes the consequence of the observation this time:

C/2006 M4 (SWAN):
2006 Nov. 05.46 UT: m1=5.6, Dia.=7′, DC=7, 10.0cm-refractor, f/7, 28x…

PS: Moonlight strongly interfered. Very clear sky! Though I didn’t see the tail of
the comet, I could "feel" that it directed in P.A.=40 deg.

I completed my observation at 12: 05 UT.

All of the recent observations were written into the ICQ format:

IIIYYYYMnL YYYY MM DD.DD eM/mm.m:r AAA.ATF/xxxx /dd.ddnDC /t.ttmANG ICQ XX*OBSxx
   2006M4  2006 10 29.47  M  5.0 TK 10.0R 7  28  11    7/  1     40 ICQ XX  XUxx
   2006M4  2006 10 30.45  M  5.3 TK  5.0B    15  10    7/  1     35 ICQ XX  XUxx
   2006M4  2006 10 31.45  M [5.3 TK  5.0B    15   8    6            ICQ XX  XUxx
   2006M4  2006 11 02.45  M  5.4 TK  5.0B    15   9    6   1.5   35 ICQ XX  XUxx

   2006M4  2006 11 05.46  M  5.6 TJ 10.0R 7  28   7    7            ICQ XX  XUxx

OBS-V: C/2006 M4 (SWAN)

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