Awaiting Chance of Catching 2010 V1

First of all congrat to my confidant Shigeki Murakami! He and Mr. Ikeya separately discovered da new comet visually on Nov 3.801 UT n 2.831 UT respectively. He deserves this visual discovery under threats from numerous robotic n digital surveys. He along with Ikeya managed to beat those seemingly invincible titans, which inspires we comet hunters who stick to visual hunt for comet juz for da purest enjoyment of da miracles n splendors in da mighty sky.

Da comet seems to experience an outburst, n that’s probably y da titans hav missed it. Now it’s bright, around 8m, wat a good chance of capturing it!

Ephemeris calcutated based on current orbital solution:

Really wish i could observe this comet! How excited! As if I were da discoverer of it… 😛

I’m sure I’ll feel quite different when I observe it…

Appendix: jp-translated letter from IAUC (taken from Seki’s site)

潟県十日町市、46-cm反射、78倍、4'のコマとp.a. 90°に2'の尾がある。
して発見した。中野氏は同じく、板垣公一氏(山形市鉄砲町、60-cm f/5.7

 発見位置は次のとおり(Nov 2010)。

 2010 UT   R.A. (2000)    Decl.        Mag.   Observer
 2.831     12 32.7       - 1 38         8.5   Ikeya
 3.801     12 35.1       - 2 01         9     Murakami
 3.812     12 35.0       - 2 01         8.0   Ikeya
 3.84701   12 35 04.22   - 2 02 12.5   10.5   Itagaki
 3.85035   12 35 04.71   - 2 02 17.2   10.7     "

(IAUC 9175)
Awaiting Chance of Catching 2010 V1

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