Orbital Computation for SOHO-2018

Notice that the designation SOHO-2018 s juz my intuition tht Karl’l give it. Official confirmations havn’t released yet. I measured the comet within HI1A n HI1B data. N all these data were fed to FindOrb. Then I acquired the result:

Judging from the elements it must b a Kreutz group member, yet the calculation indicates an impact on d earth at lat +47.96437 lon 166.39848 on 2 Feb 2011 12:18:54.21, which s very ridiculous! Da comet has moved smoothly toward da sun n finally exhausted as it plunged into da scorcher. I dun known y this happens. So I’v consulted Rainer bout da problem. Still awaitin his reply…

Btw, d ephemerides of this comet was oso computed; mayb ground-based observers may hav a try to sweep regions close to this one in this season to find potential bright Kreutz group comets in return.

Orbital Computation for SOHO-2018

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