Orbital Computation for SOHO-2018 (II)

I got reply from Rainer very soon after I contacted him. He pointed out that da impact was on da sun rather than d earth… >< I immediately reviewed my result. Ya… Da predicted impact time s very close to its perihelion time. Thus it's impossible to b an earth impact at all! How careless I was! Yet I think d author of FindOrb need to add more info about d impacted object so as to avoid confusion like mine…

It's really interesting to measure n calculate orbital elements… Really wish I'l make more progress soon 🙂 Thx Rainer for helping me so much! Without his aids I'm afraid I'd hav been much more laggard than today..

My work's belated… I hav to hurry up.

Orbital Computation for SOHO-2018 (II)

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