My Dreaming Pet

I used to raise several pets at home, including three red-eared sliders (Latin: Trachemys scripta elegans), several golden fish, two wild fierce fish of the same kind hunted in a brook in Sưởi Sinh Hạ near my ông ngoại’s house. In fact I have also raised numerous tadpoles after natuarally hatching, yet my dad got angry with them and poured all of them into the toilet… >< I have been pretty sad for a rather long period of time.

All of my pets’ faith was proved to be miserable, in that none of them survived for long at the end. The most “long-lived” was a red-eared slider, who has been alive for more than two years before his final death. A delicate secret burial ceremony was specially held by myself in honor of one of my best companions.

Anybody who’s familiar with me understand that I’m an apiphile. How come? Perhaps the character Monkey King (孫悟空, Sun Ngử Không) in the book called 《西遊記》 (Journey to the West) has been fascinating me to an extreme extend since my very early childhood. I’ve been mimicking his deeds as well, according to the vivid character starred by 六小齡童. So all of my classmates during primary school addressed me 猴哥, ha… Up to date it’s been my permanent honor and sweetness in my heart, indeed my forever fortune.

I can’t help but yet again flamboyantly show my portrait disguised as the Monkey King here.

Never get confused! Definitely it’s me! I’ve been told that I look a bit like Andy Lau, or Daniel Wu. Unluckily I show no interest in these guys whatsoever. Yet I’d be pretty glad once somebody tells me that I look like the Monkey King!

I’ve been dreaming of raising a kind of apes at home. My most ideal partner will be — a chimpanzee or a bonobo! These creatures look very lovely and cute as a human baby. They share high similarity with human beings. Whenever I feel blue, I can heartedly confide with them. Nothing could be even better!

A Chinese proverbs goes as 人心隔肚皮, which means that hardly could one understands what your so-called friend is thinking about especially when you’re stuck in quagmire. Maybe your friend is thinking about something malicious to harden the dilemma or the difficulty you’re suffering through and encountering, but still pretends to be kind-hearted. In TV we often see ghosts or vampires to hurt or kill people, however, I think sometimes human beings would be even more malevolent than those fiends or demons. When the fiends appear, you’ll immediately know their grisly nature. On the contrary, when a person stands in front of you, you won’t at once know him/her if this guy is devil or kind-hearted. In many cases a devil person pretends to be a kind man, probably you even regard him/her as your close friend, but when you’re confronted with hard time, his/her devil character is eventually revealed and the guy acts to hurt you to benefit him/herself. The more wretched you become, the happier the devil guy will be. If you fall into the inferno, the devil guy will fully enjoy their deeds and the delightment climbs up to climax.

With the pets you don’t have to worry about these. If the host does good to the lovely chimp, the lovely just becomes truly pleased and does kindness back to the host sincerely. They know how to show back appreciation.

Taken from Wikipedia. Author: Thomas Lersch
My Dreaming Pet

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