Damn, wher’s my legend?

Today I encountered with a weird error with IDL — I planed to edit my program which calculates da compund HG model by Marcus n juz ran d original one at first, however, I was notified with da words that da LEGEND is an undefined procedure or function n thus da plot halted! How come? All my attempts were proven to vain; I’m absolutely pretty kinda disappointed for da simple reason that I couldn’t fix it… 😦

Besides, none has been recent days without any “accomplishment”. At least I’ve been learning writing routines to work with fits images. I’v created a fits image to make a 2-D Gaussian function:

FITS Image of Gaussian Function Generated by IDL

It’s of great necessity for me to master da skills to process fits images and to make analysis with them within IDL. I deeply sense that public softwares for amateur astronomers hav ady failed to suffice me now. For instance, it’s painstaking for me to process LASCO n STEREO images by specified manners to achieve da target for serious photometry. So elaborate it’ll b, that none of da public softwares I possess, including Fitswork, MaxIm DL, IRIS, n ImageJ, hav da capability to simply carry out da work. Instead, IDL has.

Ok, b4 dreaming great dreams, pratically I hav to find out da ways to solve da problem with da LEGND() function. Lack of tutorials, I’m afraid it’ll b a truly arduous journey to tackle d error… Good luck to myself!

Damn, wher’s my legend?

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