My first new STEREO comet? No way!

Da day before yesterday I came across a faint blob of light heading towards da Sun when calibrating HI1A images for da brightest Kreutz sungrazer observed within at least da last two years SOHO-2143.

See it? Da sungrazer was moving in a stream of corona, from lower left to upper right.

Initially I thot it had already been discovered in LASCO; it might b Michal Kusiak’s C2 detection at 9:52:03 on Oct 02 in da report page. Yet after referring to SOHO-2143 n a following companion comet or its debris detected by Zhijian Xu on Oct 03, I quite convinced myself that my suspect must hav been an undiscovered object in LASCO, in that da time difference between a sungrazer leaving off da FOV of HI1A n entering da FOV of LASCO C2 should b around 20 hrs with respect to both SOHO-2143 n SOHO-2145. As for my suspect, it left off HI1A at around 21:29 UT, Oct 01. If Michal’s detection were my suspect’s apparition in C2, da time difference was only 14 hrs, how seemingly implausible!

However, fianlly I had to yield to d orbital solution with linked observations measured in HI1A by me n in LASCO C2 by Michal. It totally smashed da very possibility to b an undiscovered comet.

Acceptably, da linkage was perfect! Wat a brilliant typical Kreutz sungrazer! It wasn’t my day… But nv mind, I din’t take it serious. After all I picked it up when literally having no preparation for any new discovery. Things won’t get so easy to mete out wat we call a discovery. My attention’l be kept focusing on analysis in a scientific manner. As far as I’m concerned, it’s physical mechanisms behind phenomena that will b of great significance towards me. Anyway, finally, as before, cố lên to myself!

My first new STEREO comet? No way!

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