Tail of Comet Lovejoy from 30 N!

I just came back from Mt. Mulan, a mountain far away from Wuhan, where the sky is sufficiently dark, and more importantly, the majority of the thick dust layers, prevailing all cities of mainland China, has been gotten rid off. After my visual comet hunting session, I began to first observe the tail of comet Lovejoy visually, yet unfortunately, I failed to detect any hint of it, which was in fact within my expectation due to the excessively poor geometric position of the comet for people in the northern hemisphere. Through my visual attempt, I could only see the haze occupying the skies below 3° above the horizon, and I think this factor might well have led to my failure. Frustrated by negative visual observation, I stuck to taking photos of the position through a DSLR with a 17-40 mm f/4 lens set at 17mm, f/4. In every original image, again I failed to notice the furthest end of the tail projecting tiltedly up from the horizon. But now by stacking these images and background-subtraction, I managed to see striae or something like that appear at the expected position!!

I will think up ways to visualise the image after the conclusion of my finals. I have one more finals to go through — Fourier Optics. In addition, I’m planning plans to go to the southernmost land of China so as to catch the comet as soon as possible when I can back home. I really can’t wait! I’m fully sure this must be one of the most legendary and spectacular comets throughout the 21st century!

Tail of Comet Lovejoy from 30 N!

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