Install OrbFit on My Mac

So far I have not yet fully successful with the software. But the problem may well be intrinsic in the codes, rather than mistakes during my installation. I have reported a bug to the OrbFit consortium. But anyway I think I need to record my steps of installing it, which may benefit me in the future if I want to reinstall the software.

Step 1: Download the software from the website and unzip it.

Step 2: Change the terminal to tcsh.

Step 3: Type config -O gfortran, Since I’m using gfortran. Other modes will flag -static which leads to errors of ld: library not found for -lcrt0.o.

Step 4: Type make. It should take seconds to finish.

Step 5: Download ASCII formatted of JPL DExxx to directory src/jpleph. I downloaded DE431. Edit makefile if necessary.

Step 6: Type make ephemerides. It is then converting the DExxx from ASCII to binary, which takes about 20 sec on my computer. After it completes a file called jpleph will appear.

Step 7: Copy that file to lib under the main directory of OrbFit, or goto that directory by cd ../../lib, and then type ln -s ../src/jpleph/jpleph jpleph to create an alias.

Step 8: Goto the main directory and test the installation:
make tests
where I am confronted with errors about segmentation, with the latest version OrbFit5.0.

Install OrbFit on My Mac

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