Something this week

Something happened tragically this week.
I sadly heard that the famous Crocodile Hunter, Irwin Steve had been killed by a stingray while he was captured on dramatic videotape near the Great Barrier Reef on 4 Sep. Steve was enthiusiasm for wildlife and have spent his entire life studying, working and living with the animails… His series ‘The Crocodile Hunter’  were well-known to people in the world. But now, he died… I can’t see his new programs anymore. The only thing I can do now is to memorialize him forever.
I caught a cold so that I didn’t observed the Lunar total eclipse yesterday. I’m feeling really uncomfortable now! The north wind has taken place of the south one, the temperature has decreased as well. These are my own feeling as I caught a cold though it is still very hot for other people. I hope I can get well as soon as possible, this kind of feeling is really sucks!!
Something this week